@Chubb FAQs


How do I obtain access to Chubb's on-line systems?

How can I add a new staff member or cancel the User ID of someone who is leaving?

If I have a User ID and password, do I automatically have access to all Chubb's on-line applications?


I can't remember my User ID or Password?

My User ID and Password won't work?

Can I change my Password?

Can I change my User ID?

What should I do if I am going to change my email address?

What format must my password take?

Are User IDs and passwords case sensitive?


Is my software compatible?

What if I do not have Internet Explorer 8?

How do I find out what browser and version I am running?

I can't open the PDF files?

I seem to get a blank screen?

I need to speak to some one about an IT technical issue

  • The name of the Chubb on-line application you are trying to use
  • Policy / Quote number
  • Your browser and version (if it's a system performance issue)
  • Date and time the issued occurred


  1. Go to www.chubb.com - the Chubb global website.

  2. Select your Country at the top of the screen (please note that the Country defaults to US, so it is important that you select your correct country)

  3. Select '@chubb Log-in' on the top bar. We recommend you save this address as a bookmark in your Favourites.

  4. Select 'English - United Kingdom' or 'English - Ireland' in the 'Select a Language - Country' dropdown.

  5. Then enter your User ID and Password to access the @Chubb User area.

    The first time you log on you will need to follow the following additional steps:
    1. You will see a Disclaimer page. Please read, and assuming you agree, click 'I agree'.
    2. You will see the Profile update page. We strongly advise that you change your Password when you first log on:
      • The Password should be 6-32 characters (numbers/letters and case sensitive).
      • Enter the Password again to confirm it's correct.
      • Enter your work phone number.
      • Confirm your email address.
      • Click OK.
      We do not recommend that you change your User ID
    3. The screen will confirm you've changed your profile details and will log you out. You can log on again immediately with the new password.
  6. After logging on, scroll down the left hand side of the screen. You will see 'Miscellaneous' and a link to the systems to which you have access. Click on the system you wish to access.


For IT technical questions, (including problems with User IDs or passwords (including forgotten User ID/passwords and password resets) contact the Service Desk (open Monday to Friday between 8am to 5.30pm UK time) on + 44 (0) 20 7895 3550 (select option 1) or euzitservicedesk@chubb.com

For problems with a particular policy, please contact your Chubb Underwriter.